Lee Chiba I. Sustainable Swine Nutrition

Finding sustainable means of swine nutrition is important to both pork industry personnel and the environment alike. This reference comprehensively covers the most recent advancements in sustainability that results in more efficient diets, thus reducing both production costs and waste. Chapters include information on alternative feedstuffs, feed additives, bioavailabity of nutrients, and management of wastes and odors. Written by internationally recognized experts in the field, Sustainable Swine Nutrition will be a valuable reference for those involved in all aspects of pork production. Comprehensively covers the most recent advancements in sustainability to promote reduced pork production costs and waste Covers recent topics such as alternative feedstuffs, feed additives, and bioavalability Discusses environmental topics such as waste and odor management Written by an international team of experts in the field

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Printio Swine crew

Футболка Wearcraft Premium — цвет: БЕЛЫЙ, пол: ЖЕН. Отличненькая футболочка с 2 принтами, надпись "SWINE CREW" и мультипликационная розовая свинка, отличный подарок любимой!

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pr-KU03 Статуэтка Японский воин CHIBA SABROHEI MITSUTADA (Museum.Parastone)

pr-KU03 Статуэтка "Японский воин CHIBA SABROHEI MITSUTADA" (Museum.Parastone)

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Alejandro Ramirez Diseases of Swine

First published in 1958, Diseases of Swine, Tenth Edition is a fully revised and updated version of this classic reference. Now published in association with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, the Tenth Edition adds new knowledge throughout in a reorganized format to provide more intuitive access to information. With chapters written by more than 150 of the foremost experts in the field, Diseases of Swine remains the premier source of comprehensive information on swine production, health, and management for swine health specialists of all disciplines and at any level of expertise, including veterinarians, researchers, and students. Featuring a new content organization designed for improved navigability, the Tenth Edition adds chapters on the cardiovascular system, diagnostic tests and test performance, food safety and zoonotic diseases, show and pet pigs, and the most current information on both long-recognized and emerging pathogens. Diseases of Swine, Tenth Edition is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in swine health.

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Кружка «Swine»

Кружка с оригинальным дизайном

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Смеситель для кухни хром Omoikiri Chiba

Peggy Lee. Basin St. Proudly Presents Lee/ Trav'lin' Light (2 CD)

Треклист: 1. CD 1 I let a song go out of my heart2. Aren't you glad you're you3. As long as I'm dreaming4. Somebody loves me5. Trav'lin' light6. I ain't got nobody7. Oh! You crazy moon8. Goody goody9. Imagination10. You're driving me crazy11. Save your sorrow for tomorrow12. But beautiful13. Fine and dandy14. When a woman loves a man15. 'T ain't so, honey, 't aint so16. CD 2 Day in - day out17. Moments like this18. Fever19. The second time around20. One kiss21. My romance22. The vagabond king waltz23. I got a man24. Peggy Lee bow music25. Call me darling26. I love being here with you27. But beautiful28. Them there eyes29. Just for a thrill30. Yes, indeed!31. Peggy Lee bow / Exit Music

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Anime Sailor Moon Chiba Mamoru Pretty guardian action model figure 24cm collection toys figures gift

Ли Брайс Lee Brice. I Don't Dance. Deluxe Edition

Bird Robert Montgomery Sheppard Lee, Written by Himself. Vol. I (of 2)

Lee К. How I Became a North Korean

Смеситель для кухни OMOIKIRI Chiba OCI-CR-35

• Классический, современный дизайн; • Высококачественная латунь без содержания свинца сохранит воду чистой и здоровой; • Аэратор произведен из пластика, благодаря чему на нем никогда не появится известкового налета и ржавчины; • Коробка внутри проложена поролоном, который обеспечит сохранность изделия при транспортировке; • Полный набор креплений, соединительных шлангов, подробная инструкция и гарантийный талон в комплекте.

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Swine ultrasound machine TC-220 animal pregnancy scanner equipment

Chiba pineal living room dining bedroom lamp chandelier hotel lighting, aluminum material, diameter 38CM, E27, AC110-240V

22cm Anime Sailor Moon Chiba Mamoru Masquerade Masked Figuarts Zero Chouette Wedding Dress PVC Figure Collection Model Toy Doll

W.H. Clarke The peoples horse, cattle, sheep and swine doctor

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "New York, M. T. Richardson", 1892 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.The people's horse, cattle, sheep, and swine doctor.

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Brenda Kennedy Country Love

Abel Lee When Savannah Mae opened the envelope revealing the note and the picture of my ex-girlfriend, I prayed she wouldn't leave me. All I needed was time to explain. I had to talk to her and finally tell her the truth. I just prayed it wasn't too late. Savannah Mae When I saw that picture of a battered and beaten woman, I had to leave. I had no idea where I was goin', but I knew I couldn't stay. There was no way I could look Abel Lee in the face. I know the man he is now, and I know he could never do this. But was he capable of doing such violence back then? Savannah Mae and Abel Lee have been through so much in such a short time. Can their love withstand another downfall? Will she ever be able to trust him? Why does he not just tell her the truth? In the final book of the Rose Farm Trilogy, Country Love, all of your answers will be revealed. The long-awaited conclusion is at your fingertips. Happy reading.

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LEE GIBSON The Book of Scrawls

A pal suggested that I try charcoal art. I did. I enjoyed it and invited other people to share. 22 people contributed and several people were brave enough to draw with me side by side taking turns. This book is unique.

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SHFiguarts Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Chiba Mamoru 20th PVC Action Figure Collectible Model Toy 16cm KT3899

Pink Heart Ring Women Jewelry Japanese Anime Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi Chiba Mamoru Engagement for Girl Female Cosplay Gift