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Root Thatcher W. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design

The Second Edition features new problems that engage readers in contemporary reactor design Highly praised by instructors, students, and chemical engineers, Introduction to Chemical Engineering Kinetics & Reactor Design has been extensively revised and updated in this Second Edition. The text continues to offer a solid background in chemical reaction kinetics as well as in material and energy balances, preparing readers with the foundation necessary for success in the design of chemical reactors. Moreover, it reflects not only the basic engineering science, but also the mathematical tools used by today’s engineers to solve problems associated with the design of chemical reactors. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Kinetics & Reactor Design enables readers to progressively build their knowledge and skills by applying the laws of conservation of mass and energy to increasingly more difficult challenges in reactor design. The first one-third of the text emphasizes general principles of chemical reaction kinetics, setting the stage for the subsequent treatment of reactors intended to carry out homogeneous reactions, heterogeneous catalytic reactions, and biochemical transformations. Topics include: Thermodynamics of chemical reactions Determination of reaction rate expressions Elements of heterogeneous catalysis Basic concepts in reactor design and ideal reactor models Temperature and energy effects in chemical reactors Basic and applied aspects of biochemical transformations and bioreactors About 70% of the problems in this Second Edition are new. These problems, frequently based on articles culled from the research literature, help readers develop a solid understanding of the material. Many of these new problems also offer readers opportunities to use current software applications such as Mathcad and MATLAB®. By enabling readers to progressively build and apply their knowledge, the Second Edition of Introduction to Chemical Engineering Kinetics & Reactor Design remains a premier text for students in chemical engineering and a valuable resource for practicing engineers.

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Louis Theodore Chemical Reactor Analysis and Applications for the Practicing Engineer

This books format follows an applications-oriented text and serves as a training tool for individuals in education and industry involved directly, or indirectly, with chemical reactors. It addresses both technical and calculational problems in this field. While this text can be complimented with texts on chemical kinetics and/or reactor design, it also stands alone as a self-teaching aid. The first part serves as an introduction to the subject title and contains chapters dealing with history, process variables, basic operations, kinetic principles, and conversion variables. The second part of the book addresses traditional reactor analysis; chapter topics include batch, CSTRs, tubular flow reactors, plus a comparison of these classes of reactors. Part 3 keys on reactor applications that include non-ideal reactors: thermal effects, interpretation of kinetic data, and reactor design. The book concludes with other reactor topics; chapter titles include catalysis, catalytic reactors, other reactions and reactors, and ABET-related topics. An extensive Appendix is also included

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Octave Levenspiel Chemical Reactor Omnibook- soft cover

The Omnibook aims to present the main ideas of reactor design in a simple and direct way. it includes key formulas, brief explanations, practice exercises, problems from experience and it skims over the field touching on all sorts of reaction systems. Most important of all it tries to show the reader how to approach the problems of reactor design and what questions to ask. In effect it tries to show that a common strategy threads its way through all reactor problems, a strategy which involves three factors: identifying the flow patter, knowing the kinetics, and developing the proper performance equation. It is this common strategy which is the heart of Chemical Reaction Engineering and identifies it as a distinct field of study.

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This book starts from the fundamentals to the professional level academic, practical and industrial classification and understanding of the many types and mechanisms of chemical reactions before illustrating the generalised kinetics and stoichiometry which may be applied to them. Several typical and numerical problems are solved in chemical kinetics, stoichiometry, material and energy balances relevant to the chemical engineering aspects of chemical reactor design.

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Boodhoo Kamelia Process Intensification Technologies for Green Chemistry. Engineering Solutions Sustainable Chemical Processing

The successful implementation of greener chemical processes relies not only on the development of more efficient catalysts for synthetic chemistry but also, and as importantly, on the development of reactor and separation technologies which can deliver enhanced processing performance in a safe, cost-effective and energy efficient manner. Process intensification has emerged as a promising field which can effectively tackle the challenges of significant process enhancement, whilst also offering the potential to diminish the environmental impact presented by the chemical industry. Following an introduction to process intensification and the principles of green chemistry, this book presents a number of intensified technologies which have been researched and developed, including case studies to illustrate their application to green chemical processes. Topics covered include: • Intensified reactor technologies: spinning disc reactors, microreactors, monolith reactors, oscillatory flow reactors, cavitational reactors • Combined reactor/separator systems: membrane reactors, reactive distillation, reactive extraction, reactive absorption • Membrane separations for green chemistry • Industry relevance of process intensification, including economics and environmental impact, opportunities for energy saving, and practical considerations for industrial implementation. Process Intensification for Green Chemistry is a valuable resource for practising engineers and chemists alike who are interested in applying intensified reactor and/or separator systems in a range of industries to achieve green chemistry principles.

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Singh Vandana, Alam Mehboob Modeling Of Batch Reactor Using Matlab

This book conveys a basic understanding of chemical reactor and its design methodologies that incorporate both scale-up and hazard analysis. It shows readers how to select the best reactor for a particular chemical reaction, how to estimate its size and how to obtain the best operating condition. The objective of this book is to develop a model for a two batch reactors in series with interchange. A model has been formulated consisting of an ideal reactor to represent a real reactor. First, it has been solved for exit concentration and conversion in terms of two parameters α and β which are a function the two adjustable parameters v_b and V_D and then simulate it using matlab software. In the chemical engineering field, models can be useful in all the phases from research and development to plant operation. Model and their simulation are tools utilized by us to analyze the process.

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